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Group Photographs After the Ceremony...

Ok, they're not everybody's choice - but pretty much most of the weddings that I've shot since 2009 have included group shots.  Most will be traditional with the bridal party after the ceremony and others (like the 'Uncle Bob' shot below) will contain an element of humour.

Now what I won't do (and shoot me if you ever see me post any!) is get guests doing star jumps or totally un-natural poses.  It often makes them feel awkward and nobody wants a broken ankle on their wedding day.  

Often, if you do want some formal group shots - I work with you in the final meeting to plan who will be in these and also where we will do them and at what point during the day.  This just allows for you to give your guests the best day - without herding them all over the place to have various photos.  I also like to give people chance to enjoy a welcome drink and canope after the ceremony - simply because it's at this point when everyone will want to congratulate you or have a selfie with you - so rather than interuppt this moment, I allow things to happen naturally and capture this from afar ( this can often make some great, natural images).

Check out the images below to see how I like to style my group images.

Oh, and as for a classic confetti shot - if the venue allows....I love them!!!

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