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Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Photographer...

Choosing your wedding photographer can be tricky - or it can be straightforward.  You may have admired a photographer's work for a long time and therefore you'll know staright away who you want to capture your wedding day.  Likewise, you may also have been to a wedding and liked how a photographer has operated and the resulting images.

Or you may just not know where to start!!

If that's you - don't fear, you're in the majority and there's a lot of advice out there to help you choose.

I have three main tips which I recommend.  These are;

1. Identify what style of photography you like.  Do you want a photographer who will capture all of the action from a distance - or a photographer who will be happy to stage moments?  Do you like natural, vibrant edits - or stylised edits with creativity in abundance?  Do you like a mix of black & white - or would you prefer all colour?

2. Talk to friends who maybe have had their wedding recently - get their advice & recommendations

3. Set your date and budget and then contact several photographers who fall within your budget range to check their availability and arrange to meet them for coffee.  You may find that you love someone's website - but really don't click with their personality.

Remember - this person will be with you throughout your wedding day and share your most intimate moments.

There are other tips online - including this great blog from the Stylist Magazine which interviews several top UK Wedding Photographers.

Good luck - and enjoy your wedding planning!


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