Coronavirus Advice & Your 2020/21 Wedding

Updated 23rd September 2020...


After the devastating year that we've had and the undoubted stress that this will have caused - particularly if you're getting married this autumn / winter, I have updated this page to give you as much up to date information and hopefully give you reassurance if your 2020/21 wedding date is affected, that YOU WILL have a photographer on your wedding date either this year or in the future.

Above all, rather than panic - please make sure you communicate with me if you are worried or are thinking of swapping your date and crucially I really advise you to liaise with your wedding suppliers (or check my calendar below updated daily) BEFORE agreeing a date with your venue & registrar! That way, cancellation can hopefully be avoided.


I am in touch with other photographers and suppliers from across the industry on a constant basis so I hope I will be able to help in anyway possible.

What Are the Current Regulations for Weddings in England and Wales?

Rest assured, certain occasions, including weddings, will be exempt from this six-person rule in England. 


From Monday 28th September 2020, weddings of up to 15 (NOT including your venue staff or suppliers) are permitted, whilst the number REMAINS as unlimited (as long as social distancing can take place), with receptions of up to 30 guests here in Wales.

Guests will have to stand or sit at least one metre apart, as well as take other safety precautions – such as wearing a face mask.



What Can I Advise? 

My next wedding is scheduled for 26th September - up until then all bookings have been rearranged.  This will be for 30 people. 

Therefore, I'd suggest that if you still have a wedding planned for 2020 and you want more than 15 guests (England) or 30 in Wales to think about a 'plan B'.  By having a 'plan B', it allows your suppliers (if they permit this) to temporarily hold a future date for you, so that you can be assured of their services on any new date.  


For couples getting married between October 2020 - March 2021, I will endeavour to rearrange your date for no extra cost, if you'd kindly help by making a 50% part-payment towards your final balance - just to help my business.  

If you're getting married AFTER April 2021 (when restrictions are likely to be over - or much more relaxed), I'd stress not to worry at the moment!!  Venues, suppliers - indeed the whole industry - really can't sustain further postponements and rearranging (at the moment) should be a last resort.  


In the new year, depending on the situation, I'll gladly look at helping rearrange dates in the first half of 2021 (if the COVID situation has shown no signs of nearing a safe-level) to 2022, simply as my 2021 diary is so full (with postponements from 2020) - but please keep checking my availability calendar below! 

Another option could be to stage your wedding with either 15 or 30 guests (depending on local allowances) and then arrange to have your reception in the future once regulations permit.  I've agreed to this as part of my platinum package with one couple who are getting married this September, but having their reception in 12-months time.

Remember though that different rules currently apply in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland - so check first as many believe that the UK governments daily briefings cover the whole of the UK, which they don't.

Your Options

There are a few different options open to you for your wedding. Obviously this is a fast moving thing and I am happy to work with you as best as possible as new guidance comes in. If you want to chat on the phone then please don’t hesitate to contact me on 07803136172.  


In terms of the questions that I have had over the last few months, your options are as follows;

  1. Carry on as normal if allowed with 15 or 30 guests - being self-employed, I'm doing all I can to stay fit & healthy and I'll make every effort to fulfil your booking in the months ahead if your venue and the government allow.  If I myself have any symptoms of the COVID-19 I would be in full communication with you and ensure one of my associate or recommended photographers would be with you on the day. I would never let you down and leave you without a photographer.  I'm part of an amazing network of photographers who are currently pulling together in an incredible way to cover where needed. 

  2. Postponement to a later date, or postponement to a date when I'm not available (Oct '20 - March '21 couples ONLY right now please!) - If you have to reschedule due to COVID-19 or social distancing limitations / concerns, I'll look to work with you to find a mutual date for the same fee and if your new date is already booked, I'll arrange to show you the availability of a select group of trusted associate photographers of an equal standard to choose from.  They would then photograph your wedding, with me doing the editing and album design in my signature style. Please also be assured that the agreed price of your wedding photography will NOT change either! 

  3. If you have to cancel altogether: A full refund of any monies paid to date will be issued - minus your deposit (for admin time to date) and £250 if a pre-wedding shoot has taken place.  


As mentioned above this is a fast moving situation and please do contact me at any point to discuss any concerns you may have.

My Live Availability in 2020 - 2023

I thought it would be appropriate to share with you my calendar of availability for 2020 and beyond so you can check easily and transparently. Please remember that if I am already booked I have a team of associate photographers that will work in exactly the same way as I do that will be free for your wedding.


Obviously this will be a first come first served basis and I will update the calendar when any dates are booked.


These are some of the best photographers in North Wales and the North West.


If you have to – please talk to me before re-booking your wedding so I can sort everything out my end and continue to provide you with high quality customer service.

Joe :-) 


@2020 Wedding Photography by Joe Bickerton

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