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West Tower was built circa 1875, by Edgar Musgrove, who purchased the land two years prior. Musgrove was a wealthy cotton broker, part of Liverpool’s thriving trade industry. For 150 years, the majority of Britain’s cotton came through Liverpool; arriving at the docks, where it was sent on to Lancashire’s textile mills, before returning back to Liverpool to be shipped across the globe.

At West Tower, every civil ceremony is unique. This is your moment and your exclusive wedding venue… and the team will make sure it is everything you have dreamed of.  I love their striking Ballroom for the indoor ceremonies.

The Ballroom features a partition at the far end that opens following the ceremony to reveal your beautiful dining area. With large windows boasting views over the garden and elegant, neutral décor, the Ballroom is a romantic indoor ceremony option and can be adapted to suit your wedding style.

In addition, the wedding pagoda is the choice of many couples who would like to get married in the great outdoors. An idyllic wooden pagoda set in their landscaped garden, your aisle is a perfectly positioned pathway through the lawn. Experience your ceremony amidst the tranquillity of the outside space at West Tower, before inviting your guests to celebrate with drinks and canapés on the lawn.

Want to know more?  Have a look at their wedding page here (opens in a new window) and my gallery below! 

West Tower Wedding Photographer___46.jpg
West Tower Wedding Photographer___69.jpg

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