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The Evening Celebrations...

The evening celebrations are when the relative formality of the day ends and the partying begins!  You may at this point also have additional guests arriving - so it's the time to embrace them as guests and allow everyone to really let their hair down and celebrate your marriage!

Typically, I'll work between the start of the evening celebrations for about 90-minutes capturing the extra detail in the room - for example you may have a great looking dancefloor, band, or even some of the popular LOVE letters like in the shot below.

This all adds to the extra atmosphere - but crucilally the main highlight is usually your first dance.

With a combination of off-camera flashes, I can work discreetly to allow these moments to just be between you both and still allowing your guests to shoot the action on their smartphones etc.

Above all, your evening celebrations will be captured in all their glory - the vibrancy of the disco lights and the intimacy of your first dance.

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