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Portrait Photographs of the Two of You...

My favourite part of the day - and a point where I can get creative with the two of you!

Part of getting to know you ahead of the wedding day is partly to assess how comfortable you are in front of the camera - and if you are happy for intimate shots like those in the gallery below.

Often, I do these shots early evening as the light can be great then, plus it also gives you guys 15-minutes away from the madness of your wedding day to catch your breath and catch up with each other!  Yes, believe it or not - when we get together, so many couples say to me "do we have to head back as we're enjoying the break!".

Quite simply, these 15-20minutes are for you two to say 'we did it' and spend a few minutes getting some picturebook images of your love and togetherness with me capturing these moments with some light direction.  Often I'll give you 5-minutes to be alone and capture a hug & kiss from afar and other times I'll capture some classic portrait images close-up but with a light hearted approach to keep you both at ease.

Take a look at the gallery below.  Many of these shots are taken of couples being totally unaware too (believe it or not!).

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