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The Wedding Reception...

The wedding reception is always a joy to capture - as there is always so much emotion in a room!  Be it a best man cracking the wedding party up with a killer speech or a bride shedding a tear at her Father's speech, emotion is around every corner and I'm always hunting out these moments with a 70-200mm lens from afar.

In other words, I won't add to any nerves by getting up close with a blinding flash.  I'll judge every situation and capture moments with the greatest respect.  It's a day for you & your guests to celebrate and reflect - not for people to be jumping out of the photographers way as I battle for position to get the best shot.  For me, it's about working smart - understanding the venue layout and crucially grasping how comfortable each guest is with my presence and respecting that.

Take a look at my images from various receptions in 2015/16 below and see how I capture the emotion and ambience of each party and each venue.

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