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Black & White Images - do you do these?

This is a question which comes up quite a lot. "How many black & white" images will I get in my final gallery?

To be honest, the answer that I always give is that I don't know. I never aim to say provide 20% of the gallery in black & white. Quite simply, when I'm editing, an image will lend itself to being black & white - quite often the more emotive, expressionist and characterful images usually work well.

Black & white can bring out certain elements that a colour photograph cannot - however if a couple receive an image in black & white but would love to see it in colour - I'm always happy to provide that too.

Much of it is based just on taste - but to give you an idea of what works in black and white and what works in colour check out my instagram feed or have a look at some of the black & white images from Holly & Ash's Lion Quays wedding in 2018 below.

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