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It'll soon be time to celebrate again..!

It'll soon be time to celebrate again..! For the last couple of weeks, like us all, I've tried to seek out the positive stories over the sensationalism and draw a balanced view about the pandemic we find ourselves in the midst of.

Reality hit today, when three couples rescheduled their weddings - thankfully to dates in the future where I could still accommodate them. 😀 By staying positive - in the only way I know how - I hope that I can reassure anyone who is anxious at the moment by saying; - Being self-employed, I'm doing all I can to stay fit & healthy and I'll make every effort to fulfil your booking in the months ahead. - If I fall ill or have to self-isolate, I'm part of an amazing network of photographers who are currently pulling together in an incredible way to cover where needed. - If you have to reschedule for whatever reason, I'll look to work with you to find a mutual date for the same fee and if not, arrange for a fellow photographer to cover your wedding with me doing the editing and album design. Above all though, I wish you & your families the best of health in the weeks ahead and I'll work with you to help ease your stresses, worries and once we reach it, help you celebrate in style!! 😉👍 Joe x

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