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Bridal Preparations...

The bridal preparations are one of the most important parts of the day.  As a wedding photographer - I love capturing the fun, nerves, celebrations, happiness and everything else that goes on during the preparation stage!  


No preparation is the same.  Sometimes I can arrive to a scene of chaos with clouds of hairspray and twelve ladies running about in dressing gowns - whilst other times, it may be a sea of tranquility.  However you're planning on getting ready, be it in a stately castle bedroom or your bedroom back at your Mum's house - I'm able to blend seamlessly into the background and alow you maximum time to enjoy this part of the day with my unobtrusive approach.  


This often captures the most intimate moments, the hugs and the smiles without you being too aware.  I also use this opportunity to capture the finer details too, such as your dress hanging up, your shoes, perfume, flowers and perhaps even the good luck cards from friends & family.

On the odd occasion - I've even been known to help with a loose veil or a button-hole too!  I enjoy a laugh with you all - but on your terms without staging things or annoying your hair & make-up artist!  After all, I'm not going to make you late...

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