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The Wedding Ceremony...

You've arrived and it's time to get married!

From the moment you step out of your car, the day becomes yours - and I work seamlessly to allow you to focus on your new husband / wife with minimal interfearance.  Quite often brides comment and say - I didn't even see you taking that shot.  That gives me a real buzz and always captures the raw emotion of the moment.  

Whether a Church, hotel, country manor, castle or registry office - I'm equally at home in any situation and will get to know the venue well ahead of the day so that I can capture the intimacy of you exchanging your vows and those first looks from a position that doesn't interrupt your ceremony.  I'm used to many venues across North Wales, Cheshire, Shropshire and Merseyside (...and actually know quite a few of the vicar's and registrars now too!) and can spot the best vantage points.  

During the ceremony, I focus primarily on you two - the looks, the vows, the exchange of rings and even the emotion on your guests faces.  It all allows me to turn your wedding day into a picture perfect story of timeless love & emotions.

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